Sunday, July 7, 2013

Google Summer of Code with Apache CloudStack

Its been more than a year, since my last post and my journey in cloud world is becoming better and better. I have a lot to tell so thought of putting life back into the blog. Ok, let's get to the topic. I have got chance to work on CloudStack as part of Google Summer of Code (or as popularly called GSoC) program. I am working on integrating mesos with cloudstack. In this post I want to discuss shortly about the project. I will write about cloudstack and my work in future posts. Stay tuned !!

This is my first experience of GSoC and I applied for had only one proposal. I was lucky in not only getting the project, but getting a very experienced mentor too, Sebastien Goasguen. He is a CloudStack committer and cloud evangelist at citrix. He has been very helpful in all aspects right from interview to patch creation. His screencast and blog is a great help along with really good official documentation of the project itself. CloudStack community has also been great and have answered all my silly doubts !! We are also planning a CloudStack meetup in Hyderabad I can meet all the stackers !!

In my next post I will discuss basics of Apache mesos.


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